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About the technology

Zinc-rich coating is a method of application on a prepared surface of a special zinc composition containing active chemically pure zinc, polymer binders and volatile agents.

The resulting protective coating-zinc layer, contains 96% of the active stabilized zinc HZO SF* purity 99.995%, thus forming a stable galvanic pair Fe-Zn,in which zinc acts as an anode and protects the black metal (steel) electrochemical method, while providing maximum adhesion (1 point according to GOST 15140-78).

Zink coating work process

Distinctive features of the Zinc-rich coating

  • Forms a stable Zn-Fe subdispersion zone on the metal surface.
  • It has the property of interlayer diffusion.
  • Retains the function of surface self-preservation and self-healing throughout the service life.
  • It is characterized by sufficient resistance to abrasion.
  • The interatomic distance in the zinc layer is similar to the interatomic distance in the zinc layer, applied by the process of immersion in the bath.
  • It is applied even in winter at a temperature of -35°C.
  • UV-stable, has a noble gray color.

Difference from analogues

Zinc plating, unlike zinc-filled coatings (cold galvanizing), does not require overlapping finishing layers, thanks to a unique patented polymer that provides cathodic protection of zinc throughout its life. It is used as an independent coating, by analogy with hot-dip galvanizing, but, if necessary, can be used as a primer for various coatings and fire-retardant materials. It is not destroyed by UV radiation. Zinc plating, in contrast to hot dip galvanizing, is used to protect large-sized, hollow, thin-walled, lap-welded products.

Application and purpose

Zinc plating is used to protect critical structures in all types of corrosive environments activity, including aggressive and highly aggressive (C5 according to ISO 12944-5:2018), providing a guaranteed** protection period of 15 years or more with a layer thickness of 120 microns.

Zinc plating is used to protect construction and technological metal structures in industrial and civil construction, agriculture, fuel and energy facilities, road construction and transport construction, hydraulic structures.

Zinc plating is recommended for repair and restoration of previously galvanized (including other methods) metal structures without dismantling.

Zinc-rich coating
Zinc-rich coating
Coating is a thin-film zinc coating that protects effectively ferrous metals against corrosion. It has superior protection properties and high adhesion to metal surfaces
Zinc-rich coating
Zinc-rich coating
Сoating ensures simultaneous active (cathode) and passive (barrier) corrosion protection
Zinc-rich coating
Zinc-rich coating
Сoating is elastic, resistant to vibration and shock loads and abrasion, and functions within the temperatures -60°С to +150°С (for a short time, up to +180°С to +210°С during application of powder coatings)
Zinc-rich coating
Zinc-rich coating
Сoating is intended for anticorrosion protection of surfaces of industrial equipment and metal constructions installed outdoors and indoors


The workflow for obtaining an anticorrosion coating based on Zinc-rich coating composition comprises the following sequence of six operations

The anticorrosion coating workflow is recommended to be maintained at an ambient temperature not lower
than -35°С.

To perform anticorrosion protection operations in winter, the following conditions should be met:

  • provide awnings or screening for protection against the elements;
  • the metal surface temperature should be no less than 3°С higher than the dew point temperature.



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